Guess A Soldier


Seriously @the_termin8r !! :joy:

Alrightyyyy i dunno who is active these days so can’t guess


Ahh… @Honey8?


Do i have the badge? :joy: I dunno wait lemme check


Actually I don’t know too XD but I guess it’s you :hugs: just waiting for @theearlywalker’s answer.


Nope it’s not @Honey8 :blush:- and thanx for the tag @IronSoldier16 :blush:


Ahh :confused: but did I was close?


Lol in what sense close?


In these two? @theearlywalker


Nope - it’s one person


I am not… @IronSoldier16 :slightly_smiling_face::heart:


Here’s a hint: it’s a „him“ and he’s from Europe


Dang again- another hint: Posts often in the copy&paste thread - member - apprechiated and devotee


@samuel_the_leader ? from Europe and devotee for sure! :smiley:


YAAAY (4) we have a winner :tada::tada::clap:t2: - you go dear :blush:


Yaaay!!(5) :grin: :blush: let me think… :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

EDIT: here we gooooo!! :grin:

  • LP fan (oh what a gooood hint here… :rofl: :grin: )

  • No regular badge

  • More than 1 anniversary badge

Who is? :smirk:


A ghost account (?)

It’s impossible know it with that hints! I’ll guess @danni1317 ?


Nope! Ah… I was too cruel…trollolool…

Ok, another hint: it’s a he


A ghost account really? Ouch :yum: just really hard to stay up to date and find time to write on here! Thank u very much​:blue_heart:


The ghost thing was a joke to my sis Jaja.

Now I’m happy to see you here again. I hope the things have been better since the last time :slight_smile:


Working on it… try to keep busy,throw myself into my work