Guess A Soldier


Define recently. I’ve only seen his post dating back maybe a year. But then again, I have a lot of threads muted.


He’s been here more than me! So more than 1 year!

My guess: :thinking: @otokandera ?


What are you guys talking about?


ok got it…


Not a follower of the thread I see. :stuck_out_tongue:


Look who’s speaking :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Sorry I have to say that! :joy: )


I admit, it’s partial hypocrisy, but I don’t get summoned by tags in threads I’ve muted. That’s the point of muting them, it shuts them up completely.


Ok then, this user has only been here since last month.


I did this for @liqs :joy: this time. Cause i love this profile… could be a girl or a boy . No idea!

I won’t scroll 1 mth ago now lol…

No guesses. No idea… since I’ve not been here much. I don’t know who lives where


Hint: lives in Australia


@liqs? @anjasteidl?


@theearlywalker i live in Austria :blush:


Yep- I know, from the learning german thread… welcome to the lpu - I tagged you in order to give the solution for the soldier that @chigokurosaki wants us to guess- it’s a game, just read the OP - and we have a lot of funny or weird games here - in the games section- feel free to jump in @anjasteidl


Thank you, yeah I’m new I dont get everything yet


Still no, lol I figured this would be easy.


It’s the ghost of yesteryear, isn’t it?


Didn’t he died already in IW ? :rofl:


Oh yeah!! :joy::joy:


Man, you guys don’t know? Maybe Batman knows since its his partner.


@jrtrussell? But is he from Austria??