Guess A Soldier


You have to go to the main site, go to your account, then “settings”, change the pic and save, then you have to log out and log in again to refresh the site. If you see the avatar doesn’t change here, refresh again… :muscle:


I already said that. lol


Ups read now lol :laughing:


Go to:

It should appear something like this:

Clic on “Manage Account”

Clic on the pic (in your case, the yellow circle) and add the pic you want.

Finally scroll down and clic in “save.”

I hope this little tutorial helps you :slight_smile:


OT: How are you still running the old version of chrome @IronSoldier16 ?


I didn’t know it was the old version. Which version is the lastest?

brb :roll_eyes:


The inactive tabs are black and the search bar has curved ends as well as a mild UI style change. I can’t show you on mine as I run a theme.


Maybe was me? :heart::kiss::heart:


I don’t follow…


@theearlywalker you’re next.



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Hard one I know :wink:




Nope - but the description fits for him too…


:thinking: :thinking: :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :fire:



Loool noooope :joy::joy::joy: none of them and heeey ya dear :hugs::yellow_heart:- hint: was never guessed here before…


Second try: :exploding_head: :laughing:

@NickGr (but he was guessed before, so no)

@framos1792 ?
@chigokurosaki ?
@aaran ?
@otokandera ??


Yaaaay we have a winner!!! It was @otokandera :tada:- so you go my dear


Yaaay!! :blush:

Next one :thinking: :

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Who is?? :grin:




No no :grin: