Guess A Soldier


Is 5 already many? Is it Sam?


The topics are a lot… more than 20, less than 60 :grin:


@cobble01 maybe?




Is it me…



:sweat_smile: I don’t think so…


Aren’t you regular Ace @acemasters?

Is it the resident bunny @intheend?


Just thinking like i must create the most topics B.O.T.S alone has like 10 there has been shed loads of them lol


You win! He’s @stormy_day :smile:


Yeeey!!! :tada: :tada:

Next one.

  • Has a number in its nickname.
  • Regular member.
  • Very active in the game area.


You lol :grin:


Jajaja no, not me :innocent:




Damnit! Yes it’s she!!! How did you get it?


Lol wasn’t too hard :stuck_out_tongue:


  • a bit less active lately
  • european
  • number in their name too

Hehehe this is a hard one :stuck_out_tongue:


:confused::pensive::cry: the next one will be hard! :sunglasses:



I’m not European :unamused: :joy:


I know it, I just wanted an excuse to tag you :hugs: how are you?


Loool :joy::joy: and nice idea :blush:- hugs to @AJ_7 :hugs: and yep- it was our mommy @mish3lka :blush:- how is Laura dear? And you go bro @IronSoldier16 :tada:


Aww! I am doing fine how about you @IronSoldier16 ?

Hugs back to you @theearlywalker !