Guess A Soldier


I like your hints sooooo much! :joy:

:thinking: :thinking: :exploding_head: it fits everyone!!! :exploding_head: @framos1792 ? @IronSoldier16 ?you??


I tried to make it more challenging :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and its neither of them, plus, I’ve only been here since Janurary :joy: and I’m also not fluent in another language lol.


What january!!it says November! :thinking:


On the forum I came Janurary 3rd though :sweat_smile:


Reaallyy??! :dizzy_face: I feel like I know you since ages ago! Lol


AJ said the same thing before :joy: it feels like a lot longer than it has been though.


Ah! Is it @AJ_7 ? :grin:


Yes lol


Yaaaay!!! :tada:
Let me think a bit… :smirk:


I figure you’ll get it easily :sweat_smile:


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Ehh? You didn’t get mine :joy: I thought you were asking about AJ as who I was taking about, not an actual guess :man_facepalming::joy: sorry about that.


Lmaoooooo!!! :joy: :joy: :rofl: :see_no_evil:


LMAO :joy: , I thought she got it right as well.


@chigokurosaki here are my guesses, just so you know :laughing: : @the_termin8r ? @theearlywalker ? @Honey8 ? @gatsie ? @rickvanmeijel ?


None are correct :joy:


It’s just somebody that isn’t American LMAO.


I barely know much German or Spanish, but I’m trying to learn.


@jabinquaken ? @samuel_the_leader ? @Lilyope ? @DavidZinssler ? @ashesoftime ? @lpaniist ?


You should try and learn a language as useless as Bulgarian. People say it’s cool that I know an uncommon language, but it’s not that great. Bulgarian is spoken by a number of people smaller than the population of London and is spoken in one country.