Guess A Soldier


Yaaay :tada::tada: first winner of the new year- grats @rickvanmeijel you go :tada:


Oh wow didn’t expect that! :smiley:

Okay here we go:

  • Female
  • Has met many lunatics in person
  • Recklessly moves through traffic


@theearlywalker ?:joy:


:joy::joy: thats definerly our lovely @AJ_7


But AJ doesn’t drive as far as I know.


This is definitely @gatsie not me :joy: :joy: and he is not talking about driving


I like how you’re all shifting blame. :joy:


Believe me, Rick and I nearly got run over a few times thanks to Gatsie :joy: :joy:


Why were you following her? J-walking is an art that can only be mastered by Eastern Europeans, and if you fail, you become the national bird of Russia (the flying pedestrian).


She was showing us around the city so we followed her. At the time we didn’t realize how dangerous she can be :joy: when we did, Rick and I just stayed together until it was safe to cross. We still feel she was trying to get us run over :joy:


Loool - I just remembered that it happened while you guys were meeting Joe :joy:


Probably cause it is :joy:


Actually, it is you :sweat_smile::joy: probably mixed up something regarding the traffic but still… lol!

@theearlywalker You guessed it!


LMAO :joy:


Haaaahahaha :rofl::rofl: ok - here we go again:

Most liked by the residential Batman


Hahahaha :joy: :joy: sorry for pinning this on you @gatsie

When did I recklessly move through traffic?

@rickvanmeijel , we need to talk :unamused: :unamused: :joy: :joy:


I thought it was you who did this, but I forgot it was actually gatsie hahaha


Lol You guys are funny


@melisLP? @StephLP18? @intheend? Any of them?