Guess how do I look!


In all honesty, after having a look at @triplexero’s picture, all I thought was, “This is not how I imagined him to look” :wink:
So what do you think the person above you looks like? Just describe him/her and let them confirm if you are close (maybe even rate the description on a scale of 1 to 10).


This is complete guess work:

-Between 1.75 and 1.82m tall
-Not skinny but not fat
-Brown or black hair
-Brown or green eyes
-Size 9 (UK) feet

I bet I just scored a -5 :laughing: Also, I’m refraining from mentioning skin colour at the risk of sounding racist.


Mind you I am being generous as this is my topic & you are the first post :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s what I think you look like:

  1. Between 1.7 & 1.75mts
  2. A hint of fat (just over skinny)
  3. black hair, black eyes
  4. UK size 7 or 8
  5. No/sparse beard, short hair.

How about we add a line for hobby, and what can definitely be found in his/her room?

Since you have posted a pic of your room, I will not state the obvious, but you may have a transformer toy in your room.


Easy, just look me up on facebook lol



Oh I know lol. But you’ve both been described already so just waiting on someone else.


1: I’m 1.82
2: Yeah I’d say that
3: Dark brown, Hazel eyes
4: Size 10-11 lol
5: Yeah, I usually trim it down

Used to have quite a lot but I got rid of them over time


I think @EvoOba looks kinda like this…??

1: 1. 89
2: Not skinny but not fat
3: Longish brown hair
4: UK 8
5: Brown or green eyes.
6: Real pretty :blush:


I thought I saw @EvoOba’s pic before, but then I realized it’s actually @Deborah_Arena


yeah, but I’m talking about @EvoOba


Let me guess @BELL_LP:

  1. 1.65 to 1.7 m
  2. A bit plump (idk 62-67kg? sorry @BELL_LP)
  3. Hair 9-10 inches long - light brown hair
  4. Brown/hazel eyes
  5. UK/US size 6-7

@BELL_LP, Now guess @samuel_the_leader (me)


1: Yeah, I guess
2: I’m just normal…
3: My hair is dirty blonde color down to my stomach
4: Blue eyes
5: Exactly!


@samuel_the_leader is

1: 1.89ish
2: Normal
3: Short brown hair
4: Blue or brown eyes
5: 8-9 UK


Yup, should have guessed that, but idk why so many ppl guess green eyes? Like seriously who on earth has green eyes?

Isn’t that like light brown? Somewhat between blonde and brown.


Why do u always think that ppl are so tall? I’m slightly shorter than all the members of LP, at around 1.71m, although I’m one of the tallest in my neighborhood. 1.89m is like 6’ 2", so only Rob (6’ 4") is taller than that.

Yup, dark brown. But be more specific, cuz obviously that is a majority
of the people on Earth

Short jet black hair

My father keeps thinking all these years that I’m (slightly) underweight, but I’m actually skinny fat.



That’s what I was thinking :laughing:

Why does everyone have such small feet lol?

  1. 1.67
  2. Correct
  3. Hell yes
  4. UK 6
  5. Brown
  6. Not really, but thanks! :slight_smile:


Well cuz ppl have proportionate feet sizes, we’re not like Mickey Mouse with big feet.

My mother says she has Cinderella sized feet. (Cuz she is only like 5 feet tall) She wears size 4 shoes, so more often than not, she has to wear the display case shoes, since there are no shoes packed in the boxes that has her petite size.


I out grow shoes quickly. What used to happen was that my dad would wear my old shoes (as I always kept them in a good condition and they were high quality shoes [When it comes to shoes I go for what’s comfortable not cheap - of course I’m not going to pay £200 for a pair of trainers]), but now he can’t wear the one’s I’ve started out growing recently because they’re too big for him lol.


Cool!! I just kinda went 4 it to be honest :wink: