Guess the lyrics


What the?


I’ll pick Disturbed :sunglasses:


Which one? derp


"So sleep soundy in your beds tonight
Judgement falls upon you at first light"
The second!


Yup go!


“I’m here on this podium talking
The ceremonial offers dedicated to urban dysfunctional offspring”

A) 99 Problems - Jay Z
B) It’s Going Down - X-Encountiers feat Linkin Park
C) Frgt/10 - Linkin Park


Ahem… Gonna give other’s chance :stuck_out_tongue:


C for sure


Exactly. You go


The tricks of the night keepin’ me in a daze
We’ll open a bottle and I’ll pull down the shades
Glance in the mirror back into bed
We’ll get up the same time to party again

Dazed and confused - Led Zeppelin
Bright light fright - Aerosmith
Five star life - Damon Albarn


3rd one ??


No it isn’t :slight_smile:


1st ???


Noooo!! It is not!! (Actually it was a trap :slight_smile: )


Oh! I lost again…you go


punches @NickGr in the stomach

No linkin park song!!!


Sry, I’ve really forgotten about it :joy:


@NickGr @georkost @intheend
Any of you can continue


puts @intheend to the chair

You go m8 since it’s your thread :sunglasses:


@intheend do you wish to revive this? or after some more time?