Guess the lyrics


Whose turn is it?.


We know the answer is A, so the next one is:

Behold this man on the road
The burden that he holds
He lost it all but still he carries on
The dead are left behind
On the road of pain and grief
Promises have been broken
Once again he’s been deceived



Amorphis? :thinking:


You get it!!! It’s your turn.



His palms are sweaty, knees weak arms are heavy, there’s vomit on the sweat already mom’s spaghetti
His nervous on the surface he looks calm and steady

  • Jay Z
  • Eminem
  • Twenty øne pilots



See I’ve been there, done it, f**ked around
After all that - this is what I found
Everyone of y’all are just like me
It’s too bad that you can’t see

Is it:
Jay Z
Justin Timberlake





I thought you were Andies.


“Angels come down from the heavens
Just to help us on our way
Come to teach us, then they leave us”

A. City of angels
2. Pretty Wings
III. Broken Halos


Lol I thought I’d switch it up. I used to be into usher way back when!


Yeah Usher is cool


City of angel?
How are you friend? My cutie :rabbit: :kissing_heart::heart:


Usher is the reason we have Bieber, he is in no way cool at all.






28 freaking days!!! D;<



I will say: “A”


NO! muwhahahahahahahahahaha


Now let’s wait 28 days for the next reply :stuck_out_tongue: jk


Let the torture end @IronSoldier16- I go for „B“ now and you for „C“ then - muwahahaha :joy::joy:-lmao


That works for me :slight_smile: I choice C