Guess the lyrics


Ok. So. I know you saw what I put. This is getting annoying. Stop posting on here because you don’t seem to follow the rules. The whole guessing and knowing you got it right and then leaving it blank is annoying. Stop.


I didn’t see this post. Sorry.

Alrightyyyy! As you wish cute bunny! I leave this thread. Glad atleast talked to ya :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


So whos next…Ok i’ll do one then

Everyone’s going to the party,
have a real good time.

A. Cold play
B. System of a down
C. Three days grace



If you ready
If you ready
I’m ready

A. Dimi
B. Adele
C. Katy Perry


Yeah you got that correct and you went ok…
But any way my answer is:



Nope!!! Mwuahahahahaha…Wait -.- I remember you.


B. Adele




Wooww I forgot this thread

Some day, I’ll say,
I was wrong to feel so overcome

A. I Prevail
B.William Ryan Key
C. Our Last Night


Rob Thomas?? Alter Bridge??? Purple Gerbils


Nothing thrown down
Trampled by your heel
Eaten by my own
Version of the real


No one guessed the song chicken sheep