Guess the movie


Omg I have to think of something easier now :joy:


Here it is :smiley: Wonder who’s first :joy:


I didn’t know that history. I don’t even remember have read the title (of the history) in Spanish. Anyway, congratulations @mishelka :slight_smile:


Is it a live action movie related with anime?


If you mean japanese anime, then I think not. But it’s possible there was one. The movie has a different origin. But it is a live action movie, yes :slight_smile:


Ahh avatar, the last Airbender?


No :slight_smile:


:confused: ohh I must think.

I’m off, goodnight/morning. 2:37 here.


Come on, it’s an easy one :slight_smile: See you tomorrow, have a nice sleep @IronSoldier16 :slight_smile: :hugs:




No :smiley: I thought you’d guess it right away :smiley:


Thanks. I need to watch more movies :grimacing: :sweat_smile:


:grimacing: I’ll think better… now have to go… :hugs: :hugs:


I’m sure you’ve seen this!

Have a nice day @lpfan61 :hugs:


… and now comes @the_termin8r and guesses the movie :joy: :joy: :joy:


I’m sleepy now Jaja :slight_smile: later I’ll try to guess it :hugs:


Guys, how can you not know this? It’s Dr. Strange. This proves my point about superhero films, they’re so forgettable that you wouldn’t recognise one that’s looking you right in the face.


yes, you go :blush: good memory @the_termin8r :slight_smile:


Oh my!!! You’re completely right! :see_no_evil:


Here’s an easy one.