Guess the movie


Clue: Christopher Walken


I wanna say the car looks like the one in Seven Psychopaths lol


I don’t remember there being a challenger in SP.


Damn thats right for some reason it’d looked familiar and that was the first movie I thought of :joy::joy:

hmm my only other guess would be Stand Up Guys


Yes, your turn.


Woo! lol

Alright I’m thinking this is an easy one.




Dorky movie :sweat_smile:


@framos1792 ding ding ding we have a winner :joy::joy:

it is but I laugh every time I watch it.

You next haha


I know lol movies like that are a guilty pleasure lol

Let me come up with something

Edit: ok here we go…


That they are lol


The man with the blocked gun. :joy:

But seriously, Gran Torino?


Lol yep, I thought you’d be the one to get it :roll_eyes:


I haven’t actually seen the film, I just remember the trailer lol.


Funny how Ben Stiller was the bad guy in this one.


And was terrible at it, that’s why it was “good” :joy:


Maze runner?


No, that’s a terrible film.


Agreed lol

:thinking: Star wars nope…
Edge of tomorrow?


No and no. I thought this one would be easy.