Haaalp! Just a minor question about my profile?


Why won’t it let me select a ‘favorite’ LP album? I picked ‘A Thousand Suns,’ when creating my account, but it neither appears nor allows me to select it. Also, I am an LPU member… But there’s no place to select that I joined with LPU 17? Sorry if these questions have been addressed before. Very new, to LPU (obviously, although there was no dearer wish for me back in the day) but also to forums in general.
Thanks for your help and compassion.


I also cannot select a favourite album. You’re not alone!


I mean, I thought it was a hard question to begin with. I guess the tech is just speaking for me… It’s pretty much impossible for me to pick a favorite, anyway.


Looks like a site bug. I had Meteora set but now it’s blank, also I only get about 1mm of drop down menu.


Same here.


I’d just ignore it for now. There’s no way for people to really find your profile on the main LP site unless they explicitly search for you. Also the settings over there on your profile don’t carry over to the forums. Only the ‘about’ section carries over I think.


No worries. Thanks.