Handmade stuff!


Hey guys, I had an idea for this topic for a long time :slight_smile: I think especially @georkost will like it :slight_smile:

Please post pictures of any handmade stuff apart from paintings and art (because we have other topics for that) :slight_smile: The only rule is to post a photo.

I will start with this piece that I just finished. I am at our cottage for the whole week and I forgot my needles, hooks and other knitting/crochet stuff at home! :cry: What a pity. I only have these five, so I’ll just make use of them at least… :baby:


So cute and very well done!! :heart_eyes:


Thanks, I wanted to crochet some little flowers on top of them but no hook, no crochet :smile:


Wow you’re good at this. Thought this actually was a lost practice




Finished yesterday :slight_smile:


Those look so cute and cozy. I want a pair lol.