Handshaking with Chester FOS Berlin 12.06.2017


Hello everybody…

I desperately need your help. I’m searching for a photo /
video of me and chester from the show in Berlin at 12.06.2017. I was standing on the left side of the stage next to the bridge … as i was singing with him I did not even notice the titel of the song cause i was so happy … it was definitely the second time when he left the stage to the audience down at this side… quite far to the end , Can you help me to find out the song or perhaps somebody have a picture/video? He has held my hand for a minute…it was amazing. We looked at each other and shouted at each other. :smiley: I hope for your support. Greetings Max



Es war Papercut…hat da ev jemand nähere Fotos/Videos von vorn? Stehe vor Chester als er zur Menge kommt. Grüße max


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZ9bH4ALvME This is my video from when Chester came down during Papercut, I hope it helps!
I’m also looking for more videos/photos from that moment, have you found anything else? :slight_smile:



hi. :smiley: i just see my arm :slight_smile: thanks a lot for this