Happy B-Day Drummer Boy


Happy birthday Bourdie!

You may be a year older, but your still the greatest drummer known to man! I hope you have an amazing day and DON’T put your back out on the drums… :heart_eyes:


Growing old is mandatory, growing up is not.


Happy Birthday dear Rob! :heartpulse:

I was gonna make a drawing for his birthday but I started too late and haven’t finished it yet. :’)



looking fwd to the chat, do we have a date right now? it is cleared, that they do via fb lpu
but when, is still open,


Don’t worry. I will make him accept it gracefully :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy B-day Rob (It feels so strange typing this :stuck_out_tongue:)



Thanks! Started working on it again… So far it totally sucks (First drawing I’m doing in ages).


Happy birthday! :smiley:


Oh yes, happy birthday!


Love your profile pic! “Look how big my hair is” :blush:


Happy Birthday Rob!


Awww that video is too sweet :smiley: Thanks for sharing @samuel_the_leader


The final product will be good. Don’t sweat. Also, gift wrap it (just in case it’s too bad) :stuck_out_tongue:
And don’t forget to show us when it’s done. All the best :slightly_smiling:


Genius :slight_smile: Will post soon, hopefully without wrapping paper :slight_smile: Still haven’t spent much time on the drawing though, woops.