Happy Birthday Brad ♥


Happy Birthday Brad, wish you all the best


Happy Birthday!!!


In this thread, I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to my mom! 46 years old today! Love you Mommaaa! :heart:

Oh, and also to Mr Delson! [lol][lol] Love you too Bradford!! [heart]


Happy Birthday Mr Brad Delson, may your birthday be badass and awesome, and filled with love and stuff. [mrgreen]


Happy Birthday Brad :slight_smile:


Happy Birthday Brad Delson! Keep rocking!! [cool]


Happy birthday to the awesome Brad, who calls himself Big Bad Brad but is really one of the kindest persons ever :slight_smile:


Yeah, happy birthday Bradford :smiley:


Happy Birthday!


Happy Bday Mr.Delson! And I would love to hear you singing more :slight_smile: Much love [heart]


Best wishes to Big Bad Brad !!! Such a wonderful man :slight_smile:


Happy 35th birthday Brad!!^^


Happy Birthday, Brad !!



Happy birthday Big Bag Brad!


Happy Bday, Brad Delson!!! [heart]
Best wishes to you :wink:
Brad King Of Guitar


Happy Birthday Brad <3 I hope you had a nice day! And wish you all best :smiley:


Happy happy birthday BBB!


Happy Birthday Big Bad Brad!! A king of guitar!!


Happy Birthday Brad! Have a great day with your family and friends! Much love from Sweden.


Happy, happy Birthday Brad!! [heart]