Happy birthday Chester & Joe


A bit late but better late than never…





When were their B-days?


Joe’s was on the 15th, Chester’s yesterday.


Ah, well. Happy B-day then :slight_smile:

Also, what’s happening with that cake challenge or has everyone forgotten?


I am wondering the same. I want them to mash cakes in each other’s faces, darned! While dressed in animal onesies! Darned!

Like this:


I assume they’re gonna post it soon. It didn’t take too long last year after Mike and Dave’s bdays.


Well, cannot wait :slight_smile:


Warming up to the event…



Yay! Cake, cake, cake!
Happy belated Birthdays :smiley:


Would like too see the caked faces :grinning:

Happy b-day to both and a warm welcome to the “40th Club” for chazzy


hey chazzy really? I feel centuries better…lol



And I feel much older. :frowning:

Soon it’ll be @Mike’s turn:


To NOT let it comes so far :joy::joy::joy::scream: gototakethechance before!!!