Happy Birthday Phoenix Farrell



It’s weird how selective the fanbase is about birthdays sometimes. Sometimes we’ll have posts days before about them and have projects for them, then there’s times like this where I didn’t even know it was his birthday


The activeness in this community changes year to year.


True… it sucks how Mike and Chester get all the attention sometimes. Even for such small things…


It doesn’t help that they share birth months with Dave and Joe, who almost always tend to get overlooked


Oh yas happy bday, damn it already past midnight in Cali.


I don’t know when anyone’s birthday is. I’ve forgotten my own one a couple of times as well (for real).

Happy B-Day Dave :slightly_smiling:


me if known like Mike tomorrow and a very nice soldier friend inhere are having their b-days…lol I use twitter to even have the chance to get the birthday wishes to the person, they are supp to be…:sunglasses:


Mike’s b-day is in 2 days and I bet the forum’ll be bombarded then. But Phoenix deserves just as much attention, he’s a great bassplayer and a great guy in general.

So once again happy B-day Dave Farrell!


And blogs too X)), with link from YouTube or something about video or project they could do as birthday present to Mike. We’ll see :smile:


True, I too am guilty of devoting blog entries to Mmmm Shinoda.


Happy birthday phoenix! Really hope we’re gonna get some awesome bass lines on the new album


Happy Birthday!!

Happy B-Day to Phe Phe and Shinizzle