Happy Birthday project for Chester 2019


Sure, always in. I still got weekends and boring lects lmao


YAAAAAY :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: thats only wonderful - biggest problem solved :tada::hugs::heart: Thanx Nick. Until when do you need our contributions? @NickGr


It been posted on here


I’m willing to feature my track for a video if everyone’s okay with that as well. So in this case, we record ourselves saying happy birthday (in mothertongue) while a track is playing in the background?


Awwww :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: soo cool Rick, thank you. I understood it’s a mix of saying ( audio recording ) pictures ( painted ) and videos as form of contribution, your song is the background track :blush:

@yomarques & @jabinquaken poll is out


Which one @rickvanmeijel has so many good ones


The new one, Higher Frequencies


Thank you :blush:

I don’t mind, whatever track you like.


I really like the mix idea. Some parts with videos, other parts with photos :blush:
It’s still tough for me to talk about this, even if it’s a simple happy birthday, so my best friend and I would like to hold a sign instead, if that’s okay :’)


@theearlywalker when does the poll close?when can we start our “project”? And @NickGr , when is the endline to send you the stuff? :heart_eyes: :tada: :heart: :grin:


@yomarques of course it’s fine Catia :hugs:- and I think the decision is already made @lpfan61 - we can start and I close the poll asa @jabinquaken voted. @littlemissantisocail is it ok to cange the threads name?


Ok! Well…one vote won’t change much in the results, so I’ll do some writing/drawing/picturing :crazy_face: :blush: Asap!! :muscle:


Yes go ahead


Have we decided on a deadline for this project yet?


Alright, now I’ve got time.
Let’s do this like we did Mike’s - send all your stuff to egopancake@gmail.com. In the email please write also your name, country and city. If you want to stay anonymous, just write your nickname then. Please note that I’m not as free as I was last year so the deadline is closer -7 of March , 16:00

And please , PLEASE tag me here once you’ve sent your email. GMAIL isn’t my general account so I don’t check it that often myself.

Once I get some media, I’ll be able to think about the video. Maybe something more original this time :slight_smile:



Haven’t been reading this thread, have we decided on what we’re doing?


You can send @NickGr whatever you like, a picture, a video, etc


I would have to think of something to do so it could be really special but I don’t know what I want to do yet


Ok, we need some tag lists… if I miss someone,please help me!


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