Happy Birthday project for Chester 2019


Wow what a traffic- :tada::tada::heart_eyes: thanx for spreading the world @lpfan61 - :tada::tada: your italian heart is burning for this project- :fire: like mine :kissing_heart: that’s absolutely awesome :hugs::heart: don’t hesitate with these taggings dear, the guys interested in will find their way into the project… The title is pretty much selfexplaining … thank you nevertheless :hugs::yellow_heart:

it’s one month to go and I would say we do it completely the other way round, everybody who wants to be on a tag list leaves a note here and we can then tag these peeps with everything important to know. There are not too much posts to read until post 35. only if everybody who is tagged answers now and gets into long conversations it will be a bit chaotic. But this is only my opinion

Next thing is to thank you so much to make it possible Nick - @NickGr :tada::dizzy::hugs::tomato: and I am so happy you take your time for doing it with us once again :heart::hugs: and please, before it goes overboard here, can you Nick create a new thread with everything you said in post 35 as OP ? Then it’s save everybody who wants to participate can be tagged in your thread then… and you’ll get all the notifications about sent contributions and faq’s there? As we had it in the other projects? It worked best when it was like this and we should never change a running system.

Aaand : Once this post for the important facts is set up we can use this thread here to talk, :tada:spam :tada:and discuss :tada:about the project- to get hyped :tada:and crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and guys? It’s nice to feel the soldiers spirit again :tada::tada::dizzy::rainbow::heart: Lets show him our love and make him proud :heart:


Awwwwww! :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :heart:

@the3rdtausk @stormy_day read post 35 please

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Writing ‘stuff’ you mean photos with birthday wishes? :wink: If I have the time I will take a part of it.

You didn’t forget me! Thanks :grin::hugs: @lpfan61


:heart: :blush: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :heart:


Thank you so muh for tagging me @lpfan61 ! I’m definitely taking part! Excited for this. And thank you @NickGr


I think the idea of @anomalia is great tbh: not saying happy birthday but instead support 320 changes direction. I mean : tho we wish Chester would still be with is, he isn’t. So happy birthday is a bit inappropiate… I tried to think of a way of saying it for my small video, but it app just feels wrong…

So I suggest the same: lets support the 320 Changes Direction by taking pictures, make something artistic or something, where we (in our own way) support the initiative. And use a song where Chester sings. With this combination we can send our love and support, show we still miss Chester and in the meanwhile enjoy Chester his voice.

If someone would tell me Happy Birthday on my dear uncle his birthday, I think I would want to slap him/her, I wouldn’t love it… :see_no_evil: so I don’t think his loved ones would be thrilled either… But this is ofc my opinion, please don’t hate me or anything :see_no_evil:


Nobody hates you inhere, for nothing- we are tolerant and I thought you already understood a bit of our culture, we share love and respect not hate and everyone is allowed to say what he likes. @birdy1989

If you feel bad with Happy Birthday, write the 320 change sign. I think a bday is a bday and stays a birthday, even if a person died, It is still the day he was born and it was a wonderful day and Chaz was much more than the fight against depression.

so I think to celebrate his birthday with calling it a happy day is absolutely legit… don’t overthink it, do your contribution the way you feel it’s right and let it be what it is, a statement of the lpu part of the family to show our love, nothing more nothing less…


Please let me know


I actually like this way better


I let you know everything my dear, but what exactly? There won’t be a decision - everybody do his contribution as he likes- just not too long - @NickGr is there a time limit if we do a video?


I hear you. No judgment.

I made some art that I was considering sharing on his birthday.

If anyone happens to live in NJ or NY and know of anything going on feel free to let me know.

I’m still new to this site but would like to be more included :black_heart:


I missed to tag many people… :grimacing: I’m sorry… :see_no_evil:


Read post 35

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Okay so what’s happening? Are we not doing the happy birthday thing anymore? I personally like the 320 Change idea


You can write all you want in your wishes… If you feel like not saying “happy bday”, it’s okay… :heart:


Just sent it


Is it too late to participate?


Nope- Nick explained everything here

Jump in :hugs::tada: I actually think in something that would have made him smile as for my contribution :joy:


Any media. Anything you can think up counts


@NickGr just sent ya something


We need to kick the black dog of depression in the butt with this one!
people are in constant danger these days!

definitely not sure of what to suggest for that but… just throwing it in here so we put that on the back on our heads concerning our wishes…

just thoughts…