Happy Birthday project for Chester 2019


Thanks for the tag, I will se what I can do and send it to Nick :wink:


I’m starting the vid this weekend I think. Friday maybe


@NickGr sent you my contribution


Photo or message?


Yes! You can do all you want!
I’m doing a “happy birthday” written on a star (as background)… once I’m done I’ll take a pic of it… :blush: going simple this time… :laughing: :muscle:


Alright :joy::kissing_heart:



my suggestion for the most fitting song…
i think it’s for things that meant the world to us
just as this song meant the world to me!
and so did ChesterBe!

i hope i find you in agreement!
(it’s just a suggestion)


Yes, we definitely should do something virtual


Thanx for your suggestions @achilleas7 but the start of the vid from the bowl show made my hair already stand straight- I was there back then and going with this emotion feels like a step back in the timeline and the griefing process - I or probably we are far ahead from this darkest point imo- Mike and his PT project, shows and cd made us step on and brought us ahead - the most of us from what I understand…

Stepping back into the mood from back then is a wrong signal imo- especially for the soldiers who are still suffering. This project is for honoring the day he was born- to fight depression and to value what he brought to us, to show gratitude and this is way lighter and more positive than to go back into the deepest stage of pain. It’s not a memorial project for the day he left us, Therefor we or you can initiate a project as memorial for the 20.07. …

As for the song: I stand 100 % behind the idea and I’m very happy that our great @rickvanmeijel agreed to let us take his new - very positive song „higher frequencies”. Please check out our former fan projects here on the forums to get an idea of how we used the music in them. We only used “The Messanger” once to show our spirit: that soldiers strength is pure :heart:

For me the 20.03. Is a happy day, it’s Happy Chester Day - a day to celebrate (his) life once more and to show our deepest love for him- with laughter, joy and fun. That is what he would want us to do- I am absolutely convinced about that…

But as always, that’s just my opinion…


That’s why i asked for more opinions my friend!
because i agree with you 100%

this video should advance the mood towards what it should be and not go back to the times of grief the world went through.
Mike’s album is great i agree with you.
and birthday gifts don’t include the voice of the one receiving the gift so…

maybe we should rush into voting for a soundtrack before @NickGr starts editing because it gets tough when you have to re-edit with different music.

so, more suggestions are welcome and needed!


This is the best thing ever! Maybe we could make this into the hashtag to spread the word? I love it!


I forgot to add someone in the lists… reeeeally sorry…

@georkost do you want to take part in our video for Chester bday? please read post 35.
Also how are you?? so many time without hearing of you… :confused: :hugs:


“Happy Chester Day” sounds very good to me! I want to participate, but I am not very creative and I have no experience in doing such things. Are there any examples to inspire me?


Last year soldiers shared their works… this year seems they don’t want to lol…:sweat_smile:
I’ll share mine maybe tomorrow… :wink:

Anyway… just let the creativity flow with you! Write or draw what you want, a message, a picture, take a photo and write something on it, write on the ground, do embroidery… don’t know… anything you have in mind try to realize it… :muscle: :sun_with_face: :smile: :hugs:


@Honey8 said she can’t partecipate in the video this year, because she’s reeeeeaally busy studying! ( And she’s doing a great work!! :smile: :muscle: :heart_eyes: )
:heart: :honeybee: :honey_pot: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs:


I didn’t know if we were sharing work or not lol, but here’s mine. I kept it a little more simple this year than the drawing of Chester I did last year.


It’s awesome! :heart_eyes: :grin: :hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face:


I’m not really a creative person so I kept it simple

@NickGr You’ve got mail!


Sorry if it has been mentioned before, but what is the deadline again?


03/07/2019 my friend (7th of March)
read post 35 for where to send.