Happy Birthday project for Chester 2019


@NickGr you got a mail! You got a mail!! :grin: :blush: :blush: :sun_with_face:

Here’s what I did:

Aaaand what I sent:


@NickGr Sent mine! I did something different this time. I am not very artistic either, so I made this. @theearlywalker 's post inspired me by saying it should be happy.


Love it :smile:


:rainbow::lollipop::heart_eyes::man_dancing:t2:oh yeah :dancer::clinking_glasses::champagne::unicorn: oh yeah :rainbow: it’s absolutely AMAZING :rose: great job :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:@AJ_7 :kissing_heart:


Looking at him like this makes me feel like getting him and kicking his ass for what he’s done…
But how to do it!!!?


Noooope! Not the right feelings!
He’s not to be blamed for that, nor to be imitated…
Now, this is the time to celebrate, that’s what means “changes direction”…


Exactly, please remember that he didn’t do it, his illness did :kissing_heart: and lets celebrate all the beautiful things he did :heart:


Whatever, so I would kick depression’s ass. I meant - I’m mad, I don’t understand and don’t agree for that.



Thanks everyone!

@anomalia anger is a natural response when you lose someone you truly care about. It’s part of the process. Being angry at him for something he had no control over won’t change anything. It’s like being angry at someone who passes away from a physical illness. However, most of us focused our anger on depression. This achieves two things. One, we help in removing the stigma associated with mental health and make it just the slightest bit easier for people who have an illness. Two, we honor him in a way that he would have wanted.

We try our best to make sure this doesn’t happen to someone else we care about. We can all ‘be the change’ if we want to. I know it hurts, it still hurts us all. But together we can all ‘kick depression’s ass’ and beat it. :slightly_smiling_face:

And the picture I created is more like ‘keep me in your memory, leave out all the rest’. This is how he would have wanted to be remembered


Nicely said! :heart: :hugs: :hugs: :hugs: :sun_with_face: :heart:


Beautifuly said :heart: :hugs:


Next mouth will be my hero chester birthday. He would be 43 . I miss hem i cry every time i think about him . And know he would be so proud of me doing my best at my life keeping his memory alive. I love hem so much . Chester devices a lot from us. He alway be apart of me. He remanded in my heart and soul. :heart::heart::heart:


Please don’t laugh at me (too much) as I’m full of good intensions. I haven’t drawn probably since my elementary school time. I’ve just made it - at work - and if I’m gonna be fired LP (U) will be the reason. It’s imperfect - as I am. Should I add it to the Birthday project?


Nobody laughs- it’s great - add it! And for the caption: nobody is responsible for your actions- only you are :wink: - or maybe I missed the joke :upside_down_face::joy:


Believe me I love it :heart_eyes: You should definitely add it


@anomalia I love it, you should add it! :smile:


@NickGr how is it going? Did you receive all our emails?


@NickGr you have mail


@gabridc98 do you want to take part in our video for Chester bday? Read post 35 for more infos :blush:


It would be amazing!! :heart_eyes:
I read the post but what exactly do I have to send at that email? :thinking: