Happy Birthday project for Chester 2019


it’s awesome,i love it


ALERT!!REMINDER!! Only 7 days to go!!!

@NickGr how’s going?? :heart: :sun_with_face:


I might give this one a skip. I’ve been way too busy to dedicate any meaningful time to this.


@NickGr I sent you a picture and a video, please decide what is better. Thank you so much!


@NickGr I also sent you a photo :slight_smile:


Low key started tearing up


@NickGr is everything okay? Are you able to make the video or are you to busy? Hope you had a nice weekend :blush:


I have just sent you an email, I hope you are doing well, if there is anything else we can do just tell us


Guys, before sending the email I would like to have your opinion.
I learned how to do a paper crane and that’s the result :arrow_down: I wanted to take a picture during the sunset (here there are such beautiful sunset…:two_hearts:)…but apparently now it’s not right time :bowing_woman:t2:
I know it is not something special…I would have done something better but the university is taking me a lot of time…I will think about something else and if I still have time I will send it.
Also, I was thinking about making a donation to 320 and Music for relief…

Let me know what you think!



I think it’s a really nice idea, you know? A legend says if you do 1000 paper cranes the gods will grant one wish, you can do something like this for Chester, but only if it doesn’t take you too much time


Yeah, I stole the idea to Mike…I remember when he folded them for Chester…they were beautiful with all those colours :two_hearts:
This was my first one and it took me like 10 minutes because I’m really bad with my hands :bowing_woman:t2:
I won’t be at home this week…but I will see if can do something :muscle:t2:
Thanks for the idea c:


Nick is fine but busy :blush:, REMINDER: tomorrow is deadline guys


I love it @gabridc98 :heart_eyes:
@theearlywalker good to hear he is just busy :blush:
@NickGr take it easy, we love you for doing this for us :heart:


It’s very nice! :heart_eyes:


Thanks a lot guys! :black_heart::see_no_evil:

Sent the email @NickGr :raising_hand_woman::raising_hand_woman:


It’s 7th!! @NickGr how’s going??? :sun_with_face:


totally forgot about this! :disappointed_relieved: am i still on time?


@NickGr just send mine :innocent:


Do it quickly!! Today’s the last day for sending stuff!! :muscle: :muscle: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: