Happy Birthday project for Chester 2019


Today is the last day, so send something asap! :pray:t2:


thank you @lpfan61 and @birdy1989! Will try to come up with something went i get home :slight_smile:


Hey how did it end?


Just finished :grin:
Did just something simple on my phone. Work ended really late today. Do i post here?


You can post it here (to let the other take a look at it).

But you should mail it to egopancake@gmail.com (see Post 35 in here)


@NickGr don’t know if i did make it in time. Just send my email :blush: thank you for all your work and effort!

Here it is. Not great, but all i can manage right now :blush: missing him and the other guys live. Their music changed me and help me through the rough years of my youth. Thank you for everything Chester!


@NickGr I just sent you an email. I apologize, I had no clue there was a deadline since I am not always on the forums. I was waiting to show it on his actual birthday.

If anyone knows anywhere else I can submit this, I welcome you to let me know. I’d really appreciate that. I will be sharing it on my Instagram and some other social media sites on his birthday.


Nicely done, wish I could draw like that :heart_eyes:


Thank you :heart:︎ I wish I could sing like him :rofl:


@NickGr how’s going?? Ya busy?? :hugs: :muscle: :hugs: :sun_with_face:


Anyone talked to Nick lately?


Last I spoke with him, he was using the world’s most primitive ammeter to measure god knows what. :joy: I’m guessing he’s just swamped in work.


:pleading_face: :cry: :sob: :heart:


HAPPY BDAY CB…MISS U SOOOOOO MUCH…!!!..I put in a diff post, that here I am, grown ass tattoos guy, crying like a baby…tears flowing, nose running…!!..
Who cares if one more light goes out,
Well iiiiiiiiiiii dooooooo…(sniff,sniff)…I hope everyone does something special for ur bday CB…R.I.P. My friend, R.I.P…


:hugs: :hugs: :muscle: