Happy lpu for everybody


Hey I´m so happy, seen the band, meet&greet, a super show to enjoy, and a lot of power getting through it all. So now today I read on the lpu that they are still hungry and it´s time to move on, so I´m looking so forward to the next weeks month years to enjoy the band. Are you with me like I´m with them?


we are LPU. we are ALWAYS with them.


I’m totally with you!
It was my first LP Concert ever in Munich this November, got chosen in the M&G Lottery and had such a good place to enjoy this awesome Show. It’s almost unrivalled. I’m hungry for more. :smiley:

And with LPU, you don’t be alone! :smile:


yes, of course :smiley:


I am with you!!!
All of LPU:)


Reading your posts make me feel so happy, it´s like sharing a secret destiny about a gread power machine called linkin park. the underground is such a good thing, to get in contact to each other, what do you think about at the moment?


Yeah, I’ll be always with them, too!
I think exactly the same as you do, this is such a great place to meet new people and share the same interests. It’s awesome.
Between, I also went to my first show in November (or first two shows) and was chosen for a M&G. I’m SO happy all this things are possible! Now I’m definitely the happiest person on earth. :smiley:


nice to meet the happiest person on earth :slight_smile:


ALWAYS with them =) theyve been my favorites


hi you I found your post today and i wish you all the best, lets meet in the chat, maybe?! Where are you from?


sure :slight_smile: all the way


Hi, thanks (: Happy new year to you ^-^ I’m from Germany. Meeting in the chat would be cool, but at the moment I’m in Florida spending my holidays. I’ll be back at January 5th, then we can meet :smiley: Let’s text later.


:grinning: looking forward


Ok, so I still didn’t figure out how to send you a message. So here we go xD


Keep on trying, maybe it was too early in january :smiley: