Happy New Year (2019)


This year is dying faster than the last one :joy:


So it’s been a few days… how’s 2019 going for everyone?


No different so far. It should pick up soon though.


No good for me so far im not getting married. But it okay time to move on say alone for a while


O wish nothing but the best for you. You deserve it and a lot more, and you’ll find someone one day who loves you and who’s right for you.


I’m still trying to remember that I’m in the 2019 :joy:


Enjoy your holiday while it lasts!

Sorry to hear that! Sending you strength :slight_smile:

I agree!

Lol! Good morning to you as well :joy:


Happy new year you guys! :heartpulse:

Who is going where this year? (In terms of Mike shows hahaha)


I was unable to get tickets :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:



Sorry to hear that. I’m sure you’ll get another chance!


London for me.