Happy valentines day @everybody



I wish a nice VALENTINSDDAY to all of ya as "CORE SOLDIERS"


AND A :yellow_heart: FROM MYSIDES lol


A) Why is it under a LPU category since it has absolutely nothing to do with music/the band?
B) Why do people always post this song? It has nothing to do with Valentine’s Day.


A) Answer: cause paying members are “mostly” CORE-SOLDIERS and we are adorable, so I get us a bunch of flowers, even for you too @evooba, thats why “the Underground” [other answer if fits better "because I CAN do it :joy::sunglasses:)
B) the flower-producing industries seem to have to grow, that is the only reason, MONEY::::lol so I descided for a virtual on e and, this on e especially for those soldiers who are in the need of:


Oh wow.
Well, I certainly do not feel this way. Everyone is equal, LPU or not. I am not a better or more of a hardcore fan than someone else just because I am in the LPU.

As for the song, I don’t think you understood what I meant. Carry on though…


so I will lol @evooba, for me beeing a paying and active member here, there is a difference btw real right interessts in the bands so called “lifestyle” including the VALUES they are standing for, relief, rebuild and go on, on an respectfull way, to the next with the whole heardt, that makes a diffrent for me, and the more the soldiers here are sharing this point of view, the more they are LPU imo, and the song, yeah, the song, that´s the other side from the medaillie, that´s all


Yup @The_early_walker, there won’t be spammy ppl like intheend ruining it for us.



thanx @samuel_the_leader you get my point?


So, you are telling me that people who have money to pay for “extra” or “exclusive” or whatever special thing loves the band more and it is their way of showing that?

I’m pretty sure there are a bunch of people who love the band beyond measure but simply cannot afford all those things. It doesn’t make them less of a fan that someone who has the ability to pay.
Values do not come with money.


oh Eva @evooba, don´t know if you can not get me or you just don´t want to and make a whatever out of a nice flowertopic, so think what you like, it doesn´t really matter and mb get sm gummy-worms…lol :yum:

So TO THE rest, @everybody, for me VALUES are leading, not MONEY;
BUT respect isn´t payable even as trust and honesty, so, mpov


Honestly, it is very hard to understand what you’re trying to say 90% of the time.


@evooba other soldier get me better mb like @lp13413 or @tripleXero, stm @samuel_the_leader, @gatsie most of time, @the_termin8r1 dunnow, if it is only my prob, but lets face: We mostly agree to differ and thats OK withme, any music suggestion from ya side @evooba?


Some of the people you tagged won’t be able to see it since this thread is under a LPU category.

No, not really. If you want new music Mike’s Sorting Through playlist is the place to go.



who´s core and whos nor…lol, Friends? YES!!! honestly!!! thank you for beeing interessted and giving good feedback @evooba


It’s weird. I am not a paying member yet can still access certain parts of the LPU forum.


cause only you sure were a soldier, I think a core-soldier to LP? @gatsie


me? I wouldn’t say I’m more a soldier than any other fan but I do love LP a lot :slight_smile:


my definition of beeing a core fan is, mb sharing the same, or mostly the same VALUES as the band members have, beeing lpu is kinda lifestyle??? imo


I too think everyone should try Mike’s ketchup and will give no photos if there are no cookies.


@The_early_walker, can you read what is being said about Anna?


it ´s not about Anna, it´s FOR Anna from the four best friends I think, for valentines day, cause she often feel like this?


to show her respect, wisdom and love nice gesture from the guys ,lol:slightly_smiling: