Hard thing to tell you and to say


November 2 I have to make a visit to the laryngologist and I will have to do an MRI to see if I have a tumor or multiple sclerosis neurological facial, are ready to face any outcome that will be released and if I have a tumor chemotherapy I will not want to leave in peace and if I have multiple sclerosis I will cure :heartpulse:


Dear, what happened? It sounds really serious, let me give you a big hug! Mail me, if you need some support, :raising_hand:


i have always headache and i have pain on my face and sometimes i can’t open my mouth at all for the pain so i have take the appointment with the laryngologist and I will have to do an MRI to see if I have a tumor or multiple sclerosis neurological facial Thanks so much i do :heartpulse:


But the exame at the Doc the MRT has to be done first, you´re now right in fear, cause of what your Doc´s saying? First thing to say, cause of my lifetime exp. with doc´s: there are not really many who where able, the more of the “gods in white” are abs. human, with all kind of making/having mistakes. So when will the MRT examination take part, dear? :no_mouth:second thing is: these hard challange you have to be in now has also the effect, that you learn: Everyones day´s on earth are countable, also mine and yours, standing at the edge and seeing this point meant to have still the chance to do everything you like to have the experiences, you are searching on, to see, every day counts, there is no time, time flies by as the pendual swings (in the end…), So here is my advise: Praying and asking for god´s bless, search a second Doc and let him exame you too, mb a specialist, neurologist, cause the symptoms you´re explaining may even appear if you´re in a burn out or depressive mood, then your body calls for help and make you understand to stopp and get filled your battery. So it´s good to make the exam at MRT to see, that there with a chanche of 89% is nothing to see on, cause it´s another reason than MS or a tumor… :raised_hands: hands held high… :ok_woman:


@Deborah_Arena sending you all my best wishes and big hus hope everything will be ok thinking of you


Thanks so much :heartpulse:


Hi, something new? I think about you, pl. try to stay in contact, I´m here for you!!! :raising_hand:


Hi I’m feeling better lately I have no more pain for now I’m doing various tests to see if it’s psychological or nervous and 'experiment gave results that is not something psychological or nervous, then appearance on November 2 for the visit and I have to say that are quiet are less afraid than at first you gave me strength and positivity Thanks So Much . :heartpulse:


Hopefully everything works out. I don’t really know you, but no one deserves to go through stuff like this, and I’m sure other people on the forums that haven’t said anything are hoping for the best, too, just a touchy thing to comment on


Fine, no not fine but less worse, you did it even the very right way, to let it all out…and as we are lpu-soldiers (much more than “only human beeings” imo) May your love never end and if you need a friend, there’s a seat here along side me. :grinning:


@The_early_walker yeah,we have QQ chat groups and tieba(similar to reddit) where numerous LP fans gather,but Things do change a lot these years,like,in China,we used to have a big fansite http://www.linkinparkcn.com that’s quite active with over 60 thousand registered members,but now it only functions as a public webchat account that rarely forwards news and pics,like when MTM comes out and I be an active member of the old board,there are still occasions Mike would login in and give a shout out loud to fans or post trolling topics but now here seems pretty dead.I was suggesting the mods to bring the old atmosphere back or maybe help some regions in building LP fansite so that the fans not familiar with English could get a closer contact with the band,I’ll try to contribute in it if there’re chances of course.


@Wen_Yu answer on I would like to know why germany is getting more tour dates right topic, I think!


Thanks so much you are really Sweet my Friend :heartpulse:


Thanks so much :heartpulse:




Like @The_early_walker mentioned, we are all fragile creatures and nobody knows when the lights will go off for good. We live in stressful times, whether we are healthy or not. But, there’s nothing more distressing than not knowing what the cause of our pain is.

Whatever it is: Keep hope, things will work out for you. My prayers are with you. May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you peace.

May Shinoda Bear give you comfort in your time of discomfort.


OT Love ya @gatsie!!! @Deborah_Arena, my dear frond Gatsie is finding even the right words, isn´t the .gif beautifull laughy, huahaha lol cya


Thanks so much :heartpulse:


Hahahahaha LOL :smile: