Hardly breathe demo need to be released!


Did anyone here know a very super-rare song by Linkin Park is called “Hardly Breathe”? :laughing:

I know the original track is from the Handsome Boy and Modelling School, “Rock n Roll”. But the track is actually as a mixtape and I just wanted to hear in Chester’s part only…

Hydroponikz already made it but the quality is not good as original…

So I wish their will be released it in the next LPU soon… :heart::heart: who is with me???


Don’t get your hopes up. Mike and Chester were both featured on the song by Handsome Boy Modeling School (Mike also played all the guitar parts) for their 2004 album White Noise.

The only known feature to ever appear on an LPU album was on 4.0 when Mike was featured on a song by Motion Man. To my knowledge, Motion Man intended to include the song on an album or an EP he had recorded, but since that project was never released, the LPU got that song instead.


Well then, :cry::cry: