Has anyone purchased the LPU pack From China?


Hi there, im living in Beijing now, and im unsure that if purchase it will arrive, so anyone living in China who can share his experience?


the purchase will definitely arrive but it may take more time since you live in china


my concern is with the address, cause im not sure which one to use, the english or the chinese one… :dizzy_face:


Please email lpuhq@lpunderground.com and we will assist you with the LPU pack.


I just bought the LPU membership,Let’s meet in Shanghai.


Sure, ill be comming to Shanghai on the 21 of july, if you got wechat we can meet up there


Thanks for the help i will email him right away


Please use your english address when ordering the LPU Pack. Thank you!

The format should be:
Number + street name, city:
Postcode + Province: