Has anyone received their preordered digital version of the album?


Hey all,

Have any of you received the download link for the album?

As it’s the 19th here in Aussie land, and I haven’t received it. But the full album is available to be streamed on Spotify.


I am in California, I received the email that my LP bundle and 2 cd’s shipped, but no instructions about my download.


I received that as well, hmm… well i have to listen to OML via Spotify for now :frowning:


If you got it from the Linkin Park website, I would assume that they send it out according to when it’s the 19th in the United States


Download via iTunes came automatically on 19th in China


Why did I get MP3 files and not FLAC?


Received mine a little later in the day. Sad it was an MP3 version… but still an amazing album!


Did they say they would be a certain file type?


No but you’d think you’d get the best (without an argument) version of the file. FLAC would’ve been nice. I’ll encode my CD when I get the chance.


Yeah I got it.


I got it too . :sunglasses:


Yup ! Very sad that the digital files are MP3 instead of FLAC. I asked for it but they replied that they don’t have this kind of file and don’t provide it.
Weird thing but nevermind. I’ll rip the CD myself I guess.