Have pre-sale tickets gone up for meet and greets for July 30


Hi I’m wondering have they put up the early ticket sale or meet a greet for July 30 in Hersey PA yet? If they have where do I go to get them I’ve checked in the underground and every other place but no luck only thing I’m seeing is things for the over seas tour right now please help me it is my big birthday gift last year I spent my birthday in a coma waiting to die but I fought back and with there music especially the song until its gone which I understand I was 10 normal kid and in 9 hours due to a virus called transversmylites a rare virus that 1 in 500,000 get leaving then paraplegic but they messed up since so little was known in 1987 it left we a quadriplegic which is like 1 in a million have a chance so please I wanted to see them again last year but a induced coma I couldn’t now I can and I’d like to get some meet and greet for July 30th please help me find out when or where I can find them.