Have you received your package?


Have you received your package, I live in France and i haven’t received my LPU XIV Bendle Package…
And you people???


I’m still waiting for mine too gutted it was an Xmas present aswell but I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait!!!


i also have to wait. I hope it comes tomorrow. is a Christmas present for myself :wink:


you leave in Europe???


by the way: i live in germany :wink:


I just got it not to long ago :wink:


it’s a great Land!!! I love Germany!!!


have you ever been in germany?


I live in Lorraine in France and I go to Germany (Saarbrücken) for many things…


i´ve never been in saarbrücken. but i know where it is. when i was a child i´ve been in france. but i can hardly remember. only the eiffel tower (as they say in France?) I will never forget :wink:


oh, isn’t bad ^^ I doesn’t see the Eiffel Tower lol I live in east of France ^^


it does´nt run away :wink:


im waiting it here in Brasil but, in orders it says the package is fulfilled, buts not here :confused:


It’s just arrived. Yes!!!


it’s christmas time… i think this is usually that they come later at christmas time… :santa:


I’m still waiting too (I live in France as well).
For those who already got the package, does it fit in a mailbox or is it too big ?


I have my package and I´m from Czech Republic which is far than France


je suis en France aussi mais je ne sais pas du tout quand il va arriver, tu a pris la livraison a 17 Dollars ou 89???


I think i have to wait, i’m in Switzerland and i paid for it think a month ago!! It is normal?!


maybe, I haven’t my Package in France, be patient…