Heart still hurts


Seems like forever ago and just yesterday all at the same time. Still find myself getting teary eyed when I hear your voice. You gave my son a voice. He’s been a Linkin Park fan since he was 4. You see, he has special needs and that kept him from talking but when he heard Linkin Park, the music made him want to sing and sing he did. That helped with the clarity of his speaking and gave him more words. Linkin Park was the first music he played his drum set to. Chester’s death has affected him as though he’s lost a close family member. He has definitely been going through the stages of mourning. He loves all of Linkin Park but definitely misses Chester, as do I.


I feel your pain to still so hard for me because of my depression. Linkin Park music was the only thing that help me with everything I am going through. Chester voice was my angle . To me it seems that he was singing to me only. I miss hem everyday. I never got a chance to meet hem . But with his music and his voice . I truly see hem in my dreams and even in my dreams I what to hug hem and tell hem I love hem dearly.


I’m going through stages of grief too right now I’m angry at Chester I ask myself why but I know money and fame don’t bring you peace I’ve covered a lot of his songs as what I’d tell him if I could nobody can save me was the first I did


i think we will all grieve chester for our entire lifetime. his voice… LP music also gets me through some emotional moments, but now when i listen to it i get emotional too. missing him. such mixed emotions. still can’t believe he’s gone. :frowning: this has been a rough year.


Yeah I understand


it’s crazy …some days u feel sad, some days anger, some days u can laugh. life is funny. some days i can watch the LP videos or random stuff that they did and laugh and be ok and some days i get so so sad. i’m also mad at him at times for letting whatever it was defeat him. he seemed to have fought so hard for so long.


Yeah I’m mad too how the heck could he do that to us why did people want to hurt him just why but in truth we’ll never know the answers we just have to give it time my heart :heart:️ is hurting for him I’m here for you too and all the rest


I know u are hurting right about chester. You have to understand that he didn’t do this to us . It was the demons that took our hero form us. .there no right Answer for this pain everyone have . My Heart still broken onto a million Pieces . I will always miss Chester so deeply I love hem forever.


i know he didn’t do this to us or to his family. he just lost his battle. i’m mad that he lost it. i wish he was able to continue winning that’s all. his death just brings about so many different emotions.


Yeah that’s me too


Really wish I could pm you


I feel like I lost a family member too. In fact I’ve never cried this much for a family member before. Chester and LP were there for me when no one else was. I feel guilty that the person that has kept me here this long has lost his battle with many of the same demons I fight. It still feels like a horrible nightmare that I can’t wake up from.


What is pm ? Do u what my email address?


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