Heavy + Battle Symhony fingerstyle guitar covers


Hey LPU forums!
I am 25 years old, from Denmark, and have been a huge fan of LP since Hybrid. Actually one of my first rock shows I ever went to was LP with 30 Seconds to Mars in Copenhagen. I will never forget that concert! :slight_smile:

Now, I love their old stuff, and their new stuff surprised me… quite a lot. But honestly, I really like both of the new songs. They have beautiful melodies, and Chester must have gotten his frappachino, because his vocals are amazing.

I decided to make my own guitar arrangements of these two new songs. I try to be as creative as I can, in order to make these covers unique. It pushes my level of playing a lot, while also discovering how great the songs are.

I hope you guys will enjoy, and give me some feedback! :slight_smile:


nice covers! I like that you play the melody and simultaneously do percussion


Thanks a lot, buddy! Nice to get some feedback from true LP fans :smiley:


That sounds great can’t believe you got that kind of sound from a regular guitar



This is fantastic! You are an incredible guitarist! I’ve been playing guitar for nearly 14 years and I wish I was half as good as you! Super creative arrangement, as well. Have you done this for any earlier Linkin Park songs? I think it’d be really interesting to hear you cover something like “Pushing Me Away” or something. Keep up the beautiful playing! :slight_smile:


Thanks, glad you dug it! :smiley: Ever since watching Andy McKee’s “Drifting” some years ago, I have been really fascinated with the whole make-one-guitar-sound-like-a-full-band approach. Since nobody had done versions of these songs before me (I think someone might have done if afterwards though), I thought I would give them a go. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! Really appreciate your comment! One thing I’ve personally noticed over the years, is that the number of years playing doesn’t really matter for me, unless I always try and improve my playing. I had some years standing still with the electric guitar. Always just played the songs I already knew, or only bothered learning songs that did not require too much… but then recently, I decided to really do en effort :slight_smile: It feels like writing my own melody, but someone else already told me which chords to use, and which melodies to implement. So the only thing I can do to make it my own, is to try and do something different. Making these covers are really a great exercise for me, I think! :smiley: I am thinking of maybe doing some of the older ones soon, but they might be a bit more difficult, maybe. Love or hate LP’s new songs, you can’t really deny that they are very simply crafted. But “Pushing Me Away” was a great idea! I think I might choose that one, if I am going to do an older one. Sorry for my long post…lol!


Sweet posters! Now that that’s out of the way, that’s some seriously nice covers
I’ve seen similar things but with not even half the complexity you put into it
Absolutely impressed and would love to hear any other ones you do in the future
Keep it up bro!


Holy moly, that was during the Minutes To Midnight Tour

I went to the one in Percy (Paris)


I liked both of them. Good work!