Hello-- Any lpu 1..0 or 2.0 members still here?


This place sure has changed a lot. i believed i stopped renewing my membership in 2005. so i’m getting used to the new layout and see what are the rules and stuff. its been that long, that my original email acount wasn’t on the system anymore haha.
actually i messed up with my username and i dont know if i can’t change it back… it used to be Hybridgerm…yea kind of silly huh?

well i have my own thoughts about the new album, but i guess that can be discussed in another forum and i’m hoping to see the band in Chula vista, Cali.
so see you guys later if life gives me a break.


Hey fluffy, lpu 6 citizen here. I can teach you the ways of the new lpu and our weird inside jokes. But be warn, do not trust what @jFar920 says. She’s cray cray. Trust only @derek and @intheend


You can change your username at https://linkinpark.com/me, by clicking “Manage Account”. You may have to log out and back into the forum for it to update.

And @intheend is the true deceiver, she’s only 7, and has been for her whole life


Told you, cray cray.


I’m an official member since Feb 2017, and I was wondering the same.


Was here on the LPU in 2001. I was jadechaz6981. I miss the email addresses we used to get @linkinpark.com. I have it on my old bookbag


I’m still here. I was one of the first 500 people to join LPU =)


Joined Nov 2001


Hi guys! I’m still here, since LPU1. mostly just lurking. I’m almost an old man now so it’s hard to keep up the activity in here. I’m mostly around social media and such.

I even went out of my comfort zone and made this a couple of months back for LP :stuck_out_tongue: I’m usually on the other side of the camera :joy:


I’ll be going to chula vista too! Maybe we’ll see each other :slight_smile:
I was only 12 when I first heard about LPU and I wanted to join but didn’t have a credit card lol… I believe it was lpu 4.0


Hello! first time posting :slight_smile: I was a lpu 2.0 member! I remember when my friend and I waited for AGES for our packages to arrive (we live in Italy), also we were very young so her mother used her credit card but we had to beg her because she was scared about ordering online XD I still have every single tshirt, cd and pin from lpu 2, 3, 4 and 5. Then I renewed again through the years as digital membership


Was never an official LPU member but I’ve crept and lurked around these forums since early 2000’s, really :stuck_out_tongue:

Enjoy and have fun.


I’ve been around since LPU 1.0 as well! I do feel like an old lady now! Glad to see others here!


Same here! 2001!


LPU 2.0 here, legacy member as they put it in my account!


i aint an LPU member but i am listening to it since i was 8-9 yrs…15 now/ :slight_smile:[quote=“diannemaesalcedo, post:14, topic:28839, full:true”]
Same here! 2001!

I was born in 2001 :sweat_smile:


LPU 2.0 was my first membership subscription. Never managed a meet and greet in all that time. Email for that account is now inactive, so needed to use a different account for renewal. Got all excited when Living Things dropped so I could try and get a M&G and early entry into the venue, but then they never did a show in the UK for that album cycle which I found strange. lol. Didn’t get M&G in 2014 either, so keeping fingers crossed that they’ll let an old fart into one next month . :slight_smile: This will be my 10th LP show, so hopefully it’ll be one of the best.


Hi there! Been here since LPU 3.0. A lot has changed since then! I feel like I used to connect to people a lot more back then, but at the same time I am on the computer less and less these days. :slight_smile: Happy to see so many people still renew their memberships like me! I wanted to wear my LPU 3 T shirt to their concert, but then I realized my body shape is NOT what it was 13 years ago LOL.


Hey y’all! I was one of the first 500 to join as well (I was Arguetil3am) and was able to meet them in 2002, I believe. The M&G was so awesome-we had a great time! Wow…just saying all that I feel really old. :sweat_smile:


I was here for LPU 1/2 lol I’ve been here for a LONG time