Hello everyone!


Hi everyone! I just joined LPU and I’m getting back into Linkin Park more and more every day, I used to be a huge fan when Minutes to Midnight came out, but then I turned into a gigantic Eminem Stan. I mean, Eminem is still a huge part of my life but I like Linkin Park a lot again, but I’m still learning all their rarer stuff outside of their official album releases / JayZ remixes.

Anyway, I don’t know how to change my username or profile picture, so I guess I’m Dilbir_Atwal :smiley:


Welcome to the LPU! I’m also a huge Eminem fan!

To change you name and picture, go to http://linkinpark.com/account/avatar . Then you have to log out of the forums (its found in the top right corner by clicking your current picture) for it to change


Thank you for the help! :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: I love Eminem too, I’d like to see him live some day :slight_smile:


Hey welcome to LPU =)


Welcome to the LPU. I’m also a fan of Eminem. His skills are crazy


Welcome :slight_smile: Welcome :slight_smile: Welcome :slight_smile: Welcome :slight_smile: Welcome :slight_smile:


hi… you might want to keep an eye on @TripleXero and @amitrish, I heard they kidnap people and make them eat weird stuff like worms… especially @TripleXero



@intheend Likes to attack people with bunnies :rabbit:


don’t listen to him, @TripleXero is obsessed with fluffy things…