Hello from England. New and need a little advise


Hello from England
My name is Jonathon Mirza.
I have just read the rules and I am now wandering if I would be ok posting an announcement for my new book that I am writing.
I am currently in the process of setting up the website for the book, and the story will be posted in the blog section of the site.

The Story itself is based on my life, it contains personal information about my life and details of troubles and hardship I have been through, as well as my hopes, ambitions, dreams, passions and what I want to do with my life.

Ultimately this story / book is dedicated to Chester Bennington.
However due to similarities between us, I do not know weather or not it is appropriate to post about this story or even dedicate it too Chester.

I really need some advice from Mike Shinoda on this but I do not know how to contact him about this.
Especially considering…


By the sounds of it, I would assume it is fine to post on the site, although, I don’t see Mike giving feedback anytime soon, on the blogs/forums at least


@jfar920 Thankyou, it will be some time before the Book / Story is completed. We all need time, and however long Mike needs to come to terms with the loss, I can certainly wait.
I certainly am going to need a while to get over this.

R.I.P. Chester Our heart’s will always be with you, as you will live forever in our memories.