Hello from Ukraine!


How can i reach someone from LP, I am writing a verse about war in my Homeland! Id like to discuss a possibility of selling it to them, need money to take my family abroad for their safety.


I think u mean sell to LP fans, cuz to tell u the truth, LP would not bother. I have a fb friend from Ukraine and he & his family left Ukraine for Czech Republic bef the war even started.


Sorry to hear that they would not bother, or just wanted to believe in such possibility of cooperation, anyway… thank you for your comment.


Hope that the contract will end your misery


Friends I am not miserable, but as a man in my family… have to use each possibility to make money, I was wealthy, had better times good job and career… now because of what is happening… things are bad, hope no one will experience the same. Look im not asking for charity or something, i want to collaborate, so please have respect. I got used to work if I want something, so dont make a HOBO of me, it is not like that, never was, never will.


Respect man, these words are tough, wish you the strengh of the rising sun :star2:


Thank you!! I will do my best)


So this is your website(?):


No my friend… this is not my site, i dont have one… this is the only place where i try to make a contact