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Well, I first heard Linkin Park when I was 15. A female classmate in my class liked Linkin Park very much. In the evening, before the night class started, she would play their songs on the public tablet. In the beginning, I just thought Linkin Park’s songs were noisy and sometimes unbearable. But I was to change my mind, though. I found Linkin Park’s loud music serves as an good outlet for my bad emotions. And that’s what I need during my demanding study life (That’s exactly what the academic life is like in my country). I fell and even cried at times from time to time, and yet stood up to myself after listening to their songs. Now their latest album has been released. It’s different from former albums. But it’s still Linkin Park’s, featuring their own style.

Well all the way along I feel that Linkin Park is right by me. They do provide a lot of inspiration.

I’m new here. I hope that I can make friends with you.


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hi everyone i just joined here im new im in love with linkin park so much


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Hi I’m kinda new here too. I’ve been an LPU soldier on and off since 2010, and loved LP since 2004. But I’ve never really used the website til now.
I just want to say you guys are all super amazing. Lately Chester’s passing has been hitting me a lot harder, along with some personal trauma. It’s great to be able to come here and lift each other up and #makeChesterproud.

LP brings people together! <3


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I am new here as well


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