Hello, I'm new to LPU!


Hi! My name is Ryan Grey, I’ve been a fan of Linkin Park for a long time, and finally joined LPU, as I’m now old enough.

Greetings :smiley:


Hello :smile: what do you think of the LPU then?


It’s great, Henrik! Hm…that name seems familiar.

I plan on going to a concert in January.


Do you plan on buying all the LPU CD’s?? at least from LPU 9 and up?




Hey guys! Welcome to LPU, please kindly read Guidelines here
Thank you :slight_smile:


Do you plan on collecting as much as me??? :slight_smile:

click here ---------> GIANT COLLECTION


Welcome to LPU!!
Hope you enjoy being part of this big family!!


Welcome to the LPU! If you need help, I might be able to assist you


Hi and yeah , what @triplexero said, he knows the ropes :3


Hi there i have just become a LPU member when can i meet and greet the band


Welcome to the LPU !


Thank you for messageing me


Sine i am a member how do i get frinds on this Site


Welcome to LPU :slight_smile: have fun!


Hello there, Cobble_Fun


Welcome to the LPU!!!




No problem Ryan Grey enjoy! Need help just message me and i’ll see what I can do.


Hey LP fam! I’m new here and already loving it. I’m sure I’ll have a great time when I start to make friends. :slight_smile: