Help a new member


Hi, guys! I just purchased two digital memberships for me and my brother but I have so many questions and I was hoping that you can help me?

  • I purchased both of the memberships with my account, how can my brother use one of them?
  • How can I attend the Meet and greet in Poland this summer? Will the LPU membership increase my chance for that?
  • When purchasing LPU membership do I get some kind of a personal number… like LPU ID?


Helo Welcome to LPU :slight_smile:
I’ll try answer your questions, correct me if I’m wrong :3

  • About purchased 2 memberships.
    Here’s the deal, if you want to buy your brother/friend a membership, first you must log out from your account. And then you can do the whole registration process from the beginning, keep it remember when you fill the profile info, the email address must be different from the previous email address that you used for your own account. For the shipping address you can put yours or your friend address.

In your case, I assume when you bought the second memberships you didn’t log out from your own account, that’s why you have 2 memberships under one account ( one email address). You should contact ground(ctrl) maybe they can split your memberships.

  • How you can attend M&G
    Go to the contest page, select the show you are attending and click the M&G button. M&G is totally random. For more detail about M&G, go check Adam’s blog here

  • About LPU ID
    Umm… I guess not

Hopefully this can answer your questions. Cheers :slight_smile:


Thank you for your help! I contacted ground(ctrl) and they helped me! :slight_smile:


Awesome! Glad to hear that your problem has been solved ^^