Help cant log back in!


Arghh I logged out both the forums and lpu… To try get my avatar to work And it’s coming up on my laptop as there was a problem with your log in… I haven’t even typed anything yet it just says this so I can’t seem to log back in!!!
(On my phone now which luckily I left logged in)


Try clicking “forgot password” see if it’ll let you change your password and log back in that way??


You should contact Ground(ctrl).


I Havel the Same Problem cant log in on my Computer but i am logged in on my Tablet.
It says there is a problem with my log in but i can See my Account Information


I’ll try the password thing, didn’t I see that it’s not groundctrl running it anymore somewhere?


ground(ctrl) runs the main part of the website, everything besides the forums. Personally, I use the Facebook and Twitter login because Facebook never logs me out like this site does, so one click and I’m logged in, I don’t even know my password


Me too. But only my Computer is havent These issues… Not my Tablet which i am Using Right now… As you See :slight_smile:


Lol easy way of doing it I guess! I don’t even get that option though it loads the page up to 100% then just comes up saying that before I even get chance to try and log in. Least I’m not the only one though… I’d advise no one to log out lol


Are you guys logging in via the old LPU site or Also, have you tried using another broswer?


I just logged out and in (after guessing what password I used on here a few times) just fine, so it’s not a site wide issue. The forgot password link also worked for me too. It might just be an issue with your device, too


So still have These issuse. I log in and when i Want to Open the Forum it sid but there it says i Need to log in… But the funny Thing is i can See my Account :frowning: i Never logged out and i tried another Browser… So i have no Idea
Happy that my Tablet Works


I have the same problem and I wait and now it’s ok I don’t know why ^^


I had the same problem and was going to attempt to reply to this post to tell you: of course you have to log in to reply and that’s when I’ve been getting the problem! So I decided to try the forgot password truck mentioned by @Squeakkyy and here I am, logged in and finally talking on the forum! Thanks @Squeakkyy!


Oh ok thanks! Will try that as soon as I get home, been away for a few days without lappy :blush:


You’re welcome, glad to see you sorted the problem :slight_smile:


Finally, I was able to log back in after a week :smile:Hello everyone :slight_smile: