Help for the dumb one - changing profile picture


Hello LPU! :smile:

As you can probably tell, I’m completely new to this amazing community and I’m a little bit confused. I would like to change my profile picture because I don’t necessarily like that weird “C” picture thing :smiley:
I’ve already changed my picture in that avatar account section but however, it’s not visible in my community thing profile.
I don’t really get these two profiles, are there even two or is it just one?

Wow, ok I seem to be super dumb, I’m sorry.

Maybe someone could help me, would be really happy about it!

Greetings from Vienna, Austria :woman:


Had your same problem a few days ago.

I risolved changing the avatar picture in the account section, then clicking “log-in” in the forum section, and “magically” image appears in right place :smile:

Don’t know if this procedure is 100% correct, but it works for me.


Hi Caroline, Welcome to the community!! :smile:
As mentioned earlier, I think logging back after changing the profile should remove the “C”-picture from your profile. As you would notice, everyone has the same picture in their LPU page and the forums, except for those who are stuck with alphabets :stuck_out_tongue:

Do revert if the problem persists.


Going back in the forums after you uploaded your photo at should work.


@amitrish @LP_TRIBUTE_ITALIA @anvanoppens Thanks a lot! :kissing_closed_eyes: (how cool are these emoticons, by the way?)
i made it! i’m free from the alphabets!! :smiley: