Help -General admission or Reserved tickets?


Hi Guys
First time I’ll be going to a concert after a long waiting, I can afford it!
So I want to go in Berlin and I’m wandering if to go general admission or reserved tickets, please any advise whats better?
I’ll be going alone.
any advise will be helpful. I’m so excited!


It’s completely up to you! Have you ever been in General Admission before? I know for me it can get a little intense with people pressing up against each other and you also have the potential of getting sat on/ kicked by a crowd surfer which is never fun either. If you think you’re okay with those things, then I would definitely suggest General Admission tickets because there is absolutely nothing better then seeing a band live and up close-- the energy on the floor is much more intense then in seating!

LP fans are incredibly nice so if you do General Admission and go relatively early, you’ll certainly meet people and make friends!

Good luck and have fun!