Help me please. it's important


Hi guys, I know this is not the right place to talk about it, but I need help, and I thought it’s better speak about it with you…

First, I’d like to ask to NOT delete this post, it’s very important to me, I can’t live anymore. I decided to speak about it HERE because it’s the only place I can talk ALONE without they can see it!

Since Mike answered me on Twitter ( if you want to read) many girls fans of LP start to send me hate, and hoping I die and various bad things. They said I’m not a real fan because I listen to One Direction too. At the beginning I didn’t care about it, they were so childish, but this situation became very alarming.

I’ve already BLOCKED, and REPORTED them, on Twitter and on Facebook but they still stalk me and I don’t know what to do. One of them is very annoying, and still reads my tweets and my posts on FB and link them to other people. This girl continue to stalk me on the phone too and I can’t change my phone number because of her, my parents wouldn’t let me change it. She’s very obsessed with me!

I’m not here to pretend Mike read this post (if he will know about this story I really beg him to do something, like tweet something).

What should I do? I’ve tried everything already.

If someone would like to contact me I’m @Shjnoda on Twitter.

The girl who stalks me is this I’m not going to tell you the other people because at the moment they’re quite, even they continue to swear at me, but I don’t care. What makes me worried is “Unendlichkejt”. Please help me in some way.

Please, don’t delete this post, it’s important, and I’m so sorry for have bothered you!


Just ignore them. Haters are gonna hate.


Yep, I know that, but it’s annoying. She continue to send me messages on the phone even I blocked her. She can do everything she wants. If she wanna come here to kill me (just an example, I hope she will never do that!) she can do it.

Then, I expected I had to enjoy the Mike’s reply but this is making me scared and anxious.


Another drama on social networking. Like Evooba said, just ignore don’t respond they will eventually get bored. Anyway, how could she have your phone number? Don’t share too much your personal stuff on FB/Twitter or other social networking. You don’t know who you’ll meet there.Keep it to yourself and close friends only.
Good luck, I hope they will not stalking you again.

Cheers xx


purrfect, she has my number because we were … more than friends (please, you can understand me) once.


If you let this get to you, she wins! This person is obviously bored and has nothing better to do. Trust me that its all blah blah blah!


So should I leave her alone even she swears at me all the time? :confused:


[quote=Lucy_Lu]So should I leave her alone even she swears at me all the time? :confused:

Yeap you should. She’ll understand you don’t care and she’ll stop eventually.


how does this girl have your number? and why would anyone care that you listen or favor other bands? geeze!!! just block everyone or make everything private.


Yep guys, following your advices it seems the girls have stopped

Thanks so muchhhh


Good! They r just bored and need something to do…


Gonna go with Evo’s advice, ignore them and the ones who r really bad need to get reported! I can help u out if u wish! :slight_smile:
I’ll follow u on Twitter, u follow back, and then send me some DM usernames/screenshots so I can evaluate the situation! I hope this helps u out :slight_smile: