Help me, please!


Hello everybody, well my question is I bought a VIP package, but I don`t know anything about my ticket concert, how can I get it? I nee to go for it, or It will be send the same day of the concert or what? please help me, thank you.


Hey yo, calm down. About one or two days of the event you´ll get an email, there you get your infos, the early entreenormaly is postet @lorenzoerr on twitter. There you go with an identity caxrd, you show your name, get ya gifts and then you have your card and enter a very great experience.


Check your email for a message from the website where you bought your concert ticket! Check to see if you selected an e-ticket (the one you show on your phone) or a physical ticket you will either pick up or they will send you in the mail. If not, you can always call the company who sold you the ticket, as long as you have your order number they will help you find all the answers you need! :slight_smile: and yes, find Lorenzo once you’re there, he will give you all the info at the concert venue!


Thank you very much, you know this is my first time for that i’m so nervous, thank you again =)


HOLA, yo tengo la misma duda porque dice que vayamos por el boleto a taquilla, pero se supone que con lo que pagamos lo incluye no? y hoy fui por los boletos y me dijeron que no, que eso no es con ellos, que en el mail dice pero no entiendo. Si sabes algo dime por favor.


Lo mismo por fa si sabes me avisas, tengo entendido en el correo nos diran que onda creo que antes del check in debemos ir ese dia por el boleto, peeero no me dejan los nervios como quiera


just email LPUHQ @ :slight_smile:


omg it´s very internacional here, multi kulti, I looooooooooove this!! I love to be a part of it, like you you and you. This is totally ot, but I hope, this is ok with you!


Al final como te fue con eso?