Help me with my limited knowledge


I’ve always been a fan of Linkin Park but only really listened to this genre of music while painting. Now that I have moved and lost all of my CDS, I was looking to rebuy a Cd I had. I thought it was just the regular Meteora album but while I was looking at the song descriptions they were all of Linkin Parks hits. I am looking for the CD that is just the music soundtrack. I have all of the albums with words and am just missing this one and of course its my favorite one. So any help with this would be lovely, I’m sure someone can answer this is 2.2 seconds. Thanks in advance!


Well my first thought would be to ask mr. @aaran
Since he has every bloody album copy ever created (slight overstatement haha) but maybe @the_termin8r or @evooba or @jFar920 know better? Purely instrumental of their hits?


I’m clueless here lol. The others are a better bet. I didn’t even know an instrumental Meteora was released.


So an instrumental CD that sounds like Meteora? The closest I can think of is LPU9.0 which was available in stores which is why you might have had the CD before?


If it is indeed some LPU album then they have about 18 albums worth of digging.


9 and 11 are both meteora demo-heavy CDs but I think 9 was the only one that was released to “the public”. And maybe OP received the CD from a friend…apart from that, I don’t really know what else to suggest :confused:


SFTU was also a public release but not much (if any) was Meteora era.


:joy: for a second I thought you had gone off on @aaran lol


I always have to be careful not to write STFU :joy:


A few years ago they released full instrumental albums on iTunes. Maybe that’s what you had? Otherwise, there isn’t an official release (besides the LPU albums) with just instrumentals.