Help Please LPU Plus Pass


HI guys
Can someone please help me or point me in the right direction.
When i purchased my LPU Plus Pass for $60 i took one for my husband as well, the problem is it is both showing on my name. How do I get this changed and one put on my husband name?


Contact ground ctrl.
I did the same thing, I opened an account for my hubbie, and they transferred one pass into my hubbies name on his account.

Hope that helps


Will do


Just a stupid question, how do i open an account without paying for it… i went into sign up and the options are to buy the packages?


You can’t open an account without paying for it. Separately you have to open accounts and pay for it :slight_smile:


I’ve seen some of members here dealing with the same problem like you, just contact Ground(ctrl) Support or USA (877) GND-CTRL or INT (916) 443-9205


Thank you !!


Both ways of reaching us are good, so let us know!


hi Wade
i emailed yesterday :slight_smile:


Dear Lindie

My sister and I did the same thing. If you contact ground control they will split the membership and create a login account for your husband with his email address and transfer one of the memberships to him. if you need it done urgently call them (after 7pm SA time) and they can do it over the phone in 20 minutes.

Hope this helps.